Thursday, September 15, 2011

Another piece from "The Scarlett F"

"Jane Got Off Her Soft Cushion and Got To Work" Giclee printed collage on canvas with hand embroidery and acrylic This is a tribute piece to Jane Cunningham Croly, 1829-1901. Jane was an author and a newspaper fashion writer. She was refused entrance to hear Charles Dickens speak to the NY Press Club in 1868 because she was a woman. This galvanized Jane to create a club for women called Sorosis. This club over the years became the General Federation of Women's Clubs and was 2 million strong by 1915 and championed a vast variety of women's issues. This organization had a major role in furthering the rights of women. "The founders of Sorosis are little known to American history scholars; they make no apperance at all in the historical education of most Americans. Why not? One reason is that the lives of these women do not fit the ideology of feminism as it has developed. These women were not Puritans. They were attractive and dressed fashionably. They were indignant, but they were not unpleasant. They were bright and beautiful, but they were not arrogant. If American women knew more about early feminists such as the group that established Sorosis, it would be hard to maintain the blind acceptance of the rule that says good feminists cannot be feminine or fashionable." -Fresh Lipstick: Redressing Fashion and Feminism" by Linda M. Scott

"The Scarlett F" comes to Mainsite Gallery

I read the book "Fresh Lipstick Redressing Fashion and Feminism" by Linda M Scott and was so inspired to create a collection of new works. I created 2 portraits of Susan B. Anthony and 10 obscure women of the same period that were pivotal in how the women's movement evolved in the United States. These pieces are giclee printed collage on canvas with hand embroidery and acrylic.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"You Wanna Meat?"

Collage with machine stitching.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

"The Return Option Please"

Machine stitched collage.

"Nice Product Placement"

One of the new collages made with my trusty Bernina.